Thank you to all those ICB students that entered the Give-Away!

Thank you to all those ICB students that entered the Give-Away! The winners have been notified via email about their prizes. As for all those that didn’t get something from this Give-Away please don’t despair. Stay tuned to our homepage and social sites for future opportunities.

High Pass Mark!

I need to thank SACOB for the preparation CD they gave me (Business Law and Accounting Control). I failed my first attempt because I didn’t have the correct study material. I would like to share my pride with this college, my pass mark was much higher than before. I got 92 % which I think was not only because of the hard work but the input from the College. Once again thank you very much, I am going to write Corporate Strategy in May and Financial Reporting in August respectively and I want to do more!

SACOB Give-away!

Stand a chance to WIN an ICB Assessment Preparation Video Kit for selected ICB Subjects!
Give the video a watch and follow the link provided to fill in your details.

E-Learning Can Help Prepare Scholars

E-Learning Can Help Prepare Scholars For The Job Market And Tertiary Education Institutions

By completing skills programmes whilst at school, Grade 10, 11 and 12 students have an opportunity to get ahead. They can increase their chances of getting into their desired programme after school as well as increase their opportunities within the job market. Imagine a scholar leaving school with a whole extra qualification over and above their National Senior Certificate…

eLearning Africa

We are very excited to be going to eLearning Africa 2013 in May – the 8th International Conference for Development, Education and Training, hosted in Namibia. An annual event for enhancing eLearning in Africa. We’ll post all the topical discussions that are taking place while we are there. Stay tuned!

SACOB Is Dedicated To Students

Thank you so much. I like the way you are dedicated in your work. It doesn’t even take an hour to respond.
In life I like people like you who are dedicated to what they are doing. Thank you so much!

Is it worth while studying?

Is it worth while studying?

Studying relevant courses towards your job of interest can improve your chances of getting the job as well as increase your starting salary. A qualification in hand is always beneficial when looking for employment.

Our courses are relevant to all business related jobs, give us a go, the only place you can go is up!

Who knew what they wanted to do with their lives when they where at School?

Who knew what they wanted to do with their lives when they where at School? A pilot probably knew he/she wanted to be a pilot but did the petrol station owner know he/she wanted to be an Entrepreneur. The beautiful thing about studying business studies is that there are so many possibilities for your eventual career! SACOB’s attended a career day at Westville Boys High – Trying to help guide those career choices!