SACOB Videos

I will be visiting and revisiting those videos repeatedly!! Everything is explained so well.

Choosing the right subjects for matric

As young kids, our choice of a profession to follow one day must have changed on a weekly basis. Do you remember when you were ten years old? Dreams of becoming an astronaut, a farmer, a dolphin trainer, or even a cowboy, pirate, or ballerina, all seemed like plausible ideas.

SACOB Hamper

Just received the hamper. Everything is soo nice! Thanks. Will be using most of it on my hiking trips.. :) Enjoy your day. Kind regards Ayesha Choglé

What’s your next course going to be?

Well done to all those that completed their ICB Assessments last week! All the hard work will pay off. Now to start thinking about your next course – what’s it going to be? Let one our student advisors help guide you. Contact us on 086 10 72262 or send us your contact details and we’ll contact you.

Many Thanks

I am truly honoured to receive this prestigious bursary that will allow me to complete my studies and become the Financial Accountant I have always wanted to be. SACOB has not only been helpful in this regard, but have provided me with the best service, making me proud to be associated with such a fantastic institution. I am yet to be disappointed in both your service and your dedication to your students. Not only will I recommend your college, but you are my top choice for further studies in this brilliantly exciting field of study. Thank you for everything.


“On the 9th of August 1959, twenty thousand women of all races marched on the Union Building in Pretoria to protest the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act, commonly known as the Pass Laws of 1950. the women stood together, arms raised in the air in the clenched fist of the Congress Salute and sang ‘You strike a woman, you strike a rock’. It is remembered as one of the major milestones in the struggle against the apartheid regime and the date is now commemorated as Women’s Day.”

Thank you so very much for the Bursary

Thank you so very much for the bursary for Income Tax Returns that SACOB awarded to me. I am so grateful, that it is difficult for me to comprehend. Please circulate this to everybody else that I know at SACOB, including Mr Oakes, who is not in the recipient list. I can only say thank you a million times over and over again.

The service and response has simply been incredible!

The service and response has simply been incredible, you cannot compare it to other Institutions, over there you are just a number. Tanja, assisted me in getting my results sorted out with the ICB, before I had even enrolled, which just shows me that your company cares about the people. I used to wait weeks for study material and even then you did not get everything for the course, my material arrived after 2 days with SACOB. It is really impressive and I have already recommended to friends to use your company in future.