Not Sure What to Study?

At times it can be a bit daunting and scary knowing that you should be furthering your studies but being undecided about what it is you should be studying – we get it!

How about enrolling for a SACOB Short course in the meantime, it might help you decide where your passion lies (and where it perhaps doesn’t) and what it is you really want to focus on afterwards.

What are the benefits of doing a short course while you decide on what long term qualifications you want to enrol for?

Skills based – equipping you with valuable new skills which will make you more employable

Quick – it takes place over 10 weeks so no long term commitment is needed

Affordable – all SACOB Short Courses cost R4600 per course and what’s better is that you can pay it off monthly

No entrance requirements – open to anyone, whether you have previous studies under your belt or not

Online – you can upskill yourself from the comfort of your own home or office (Physical material delivered to your door too) with full access to your lecturer and peers

Online Assessments – no need to go to an assessment venue or pay any additional exam / assessment fees

Constant Support – should you have any questions the lecturer will get back to you within 24 hours

Other options for you to continue your studies in – if you’ve enjoyed the short course so much you can either decide to enrol for another one OR you can consider enrolling for one of the many full qualifications we have

What short courses can you choose from?

Basic Bookkeeping – Click here
Business Law – Click here
Computer Skills – Click here
Conference and Events Management – Click here
Cost Accounting – Click here
Credit Management – Click here
Customer Service and Call Centre Management – Click here
Entrepreneurship Click here
Financial Management – Click here
General Management – Click here
Human Resource Management – Click here
Marketing Management – Click here
Office Administration – Click here
Payroll Practices – Click here
Taxation – Click here