New Year Resolutions

Top six reasons education fulfills new year resolutions:

The start of a New Year is also the start of many New Year resolutions. 

Did you know that studies have shown that Education can help you fulfil your New Year’s resolutions?

1. People who study and get qualified; earn more money and therefore can afford to buy healthier food which in turn lets them live a more healthy and productive life. It has also shown that educated people make healthier choices when they get older.

2. Education also keeps your brain healthy. Studying keeps your brain active and actually slows down the aging process. 

3. Educated people also have better self-esteem and not so many mental health issues.

4. Once qualified you have created an opportunity for many doors to open so you can earn more money and have better job opportunities.

5. Education exposes you to other cultures and different ways of doing things. When you study you gain practical experience in how to communicate with others; how to plan tasks; how to approach difficult tasks; etc.

6. As education opens up all the above gateways; it will improve your life experience overall. You will live a richer; healthier life due to education.

So it seems, that to change your life and make your New Year resolutions come true all you have to do is study!