New infographic explores online learning

New infographic explores online learning

Tertiary level education seems to be an unattainable luxury for many school leavers due to rising university fees and the pressing need to earn an income.

The South African College of Business (SACOB) is intent on changing all that. With its unique blend of classroom, distance and online learning, students are able to study at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.

Unfortunately, a lot of prospective students either do not know that distance learning is an option or they do not believe this method of study will provide them with the necessary support.

A viable option

SACOB has yet again turned to technology to address the issue. Says SACOB principal, Stacey Henn,

“We recognised that we’d reach far more prospective students if our message was online and freely available, so we decided to create an infographic.”

The 48-second clip quickly and succinctly shows the viewer how SACOB has taken the best of both worlds and neatly packaged distance learning with the ‘bells and whistles’ of face-to-face learning. It lists the various components that make up the online classroom and ends with a powerful success story.

In under a minute the prospective student has learnt that not only is studying at home an option, it is a fully supported and very achievable option at that. All the information in the world is not worth a thing if it does not reach its intended audience. SACOB understands this and they have done something about it.

The infographic can be viewed here:
What is Online Learning?