How to Excel with Distance Learning

As SACOB is an online learning institution, students are capable of studying from anywhere in South Africa. That being said, it does require a large amount of diligence and dedication to learn from home without the guidance of a physical classroom.

To help you get started and teach you how to persevere through your course, we’ve compiled a list of hassle-free study tips:

Set up a work area

As tempting as it may be to study from your bed, students need a spacious and efficient area to increase their productivity. Whether you’re working from home, a library or a coffee shop, ensure that it has:

  • A desk to press on
  • Minimal distractions (i.e.: no television and social interactions)
  • Sufficient lighting
  • An internet connection

At home, you also want to this area neat and clean, because a messy space can be distracting. Having a door is also ideal to block out noise and reduce disturbances. When you live with family or housemates, consider putting up a sign to inform them that you’re studying.Make a schedule

Just like you did in school, you need to plot when important tests and assignments are due, so that you can structure your workflow accordingly. By investing in a desk or wall calendar, you can easily keep due-dates visible. After marking those off, fill in your other commitments, such as job or family responsibility, and learn to plan around these, using the free hours to prepare.

To stay on track, it’s best to establish a routine. It’s also a good idea to display this calendar where you’ll see it often, as a constant reminder of your goals.

Get the right equipment

Get the right tools for the job. Nothing is more distracting than having to leave your desk to find a book, piece of paper or stationery. Besides course work, the other materials that you need include:

  • An exam pad or exercise book
  • A comfortable desk chair
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • A well-stocked stationery set

That being said, we strongly advise that you don’t keep too many extras in this space, as they can become distracting. To minimise disturbances online, there are several site blocker apps available. They prevent you from accessing certain web pages (such as Facebook) for a particular period of time.

Change your mindset

This is the most important action to try. Contrary to popular belief, learning is meant to be a fun and interesting experience, and students are supposed to enjoy every minute of it.

At school, you didn’t have much choice in subjects. So you probably attended a few classes that bored you to tears. However, the best thing about tertiary education is that you can pick what you want to learn.

By keeping positive and excited about your studies, you should have no problem succeeding. What are you waiting for?

Studying from home doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Besides being more affordable than regular institutions, there are several other benefits, including:

  • Saving you money on transport
  • Enabling you to be employed simultaneously
  • The ability to study at your own pace
  • Getting access to education from anywhere

Learners need to remember, that even though they sign up with an online institution like SACOB, they’re never really alone. Our lecturers are available via email or phone, and the course material is thorough.

Enquire about our courses today and take the right step towards your bright future.