FAQ’s – You Asked, We Answered

Who is SACOB?
We are an African business school offering a high touch learning experience to students, business and ultimately to the broader African community. Our goal is to offer an end-to-end learning experience that delivers quality people into the African economy. What makes our offering distinct is that we overcome the challenges of distance learning by combining the interactivity and connection of face-to-face education with the flexibility and cost-saving of distance education.

What courses & programmes does SACOB offer?
We offer a portfolio of over 50 courses & programmes that are accredited by numerous quality assurance bodies and Institutions. Click here to see a full list of our courses & programmes.

Do I save by paying my studies in full?
Yes you definitely do! By enrolling for your studies upfront you are able to make use of the cash savings price which is a pretty nice savings.

Can I pay my studies off monthly?
Yes you certainly can! We can work out a personalised payment plan that works for you. We want you to further your studies and to do it with us, so let’s talk deposit and monthly repayments that suit you and your needs.

I have ‘registered’ my SACOB student account, now what?
That’s great, registering your account is the first step. You can register directly on the home page (https://www.sacob.com). Having a SACOB student account means you can now see all the course fees and enrol for your studies. You need to make your way over to the qualification you are interested in and select the enrol button. We can help you with this process.

Why aren’t the enrolment fees on the website?
They are, you just need to register your student account first. Once registered you can go back to the qualification/course page and see the fees.

Why are more and more students choosing the SACOB Online Classroom?
That’s an easy one to answer, especially because we are so passionate about the Online Classroom. The added benefits of enrolling for the Online Classroom is that you get full access to all the concept videos – this means that you can watch the key concepts over and over again until you understand it fully. You also get access to quizzes to test yourself, forums to chat to other students, the ability to load any tests or past papers for feedback as well as having your lecturer a click away where he will answer all your questions within 24 hours. All this is hard to come by anywhere else.

What is the SACOB Ethics Course?
This is a course that we offer to all SACOB students for FREE! We want to give our students something extra, so you know that when studying at SACOB you leave with more than the average student. Read more about the course here.

Are enrollments open all year round?
An added benefit of studying a Qualification with SACOB means that you can enrol throughout the year – you do not need to wait for January (1st Semester) or June (2nd Semester) each year. It’s best to not use this as an excuse though, just because you can enrol later doesn’t mean you should – get started with your studies straight away!

Have any more questions and would like to contact us directly?
Call us on 086 107 2262, or leave a message here and one of our Course Advisors will call you.