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Dear Student

You took the plunge and enquired regarding the CSSA Qualification, which means at one point you were considering furthering your education by adding‘Company Secretary’, a globally recognised qualification, behind your name.

What’s stopping you from taking the next step and enrolling?

Here’s a brief overview which might help you get your enrollment back on track…

What is CSSA?

CSSA – Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa is the formal professional Institute for corporate governance and company secretaryship. Trained in governance, law, accounting, and strategy, Chartered Secretaries and governance professionals are high-ranking professionals with a broad base of skills unique among the professions allowing them to command competitive remuneration packages.

CSSA Qualification:

The qualification is broken into 4 different programmes:

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Programme 1

4 Subjects

1. Communication

2. Introduction to Corporate Governance

3. Introduction to Financial Accounting

4. Introduction to Law

Programme 2

4 Subjects

1. Advanced Financial Accounting

2. Managing Information Systems

3. Principles of Business Law

4. Principles of Corporate Law

Programme 3

3 Subjects

1. Advanced Business Law

2. Managing Principles

3. Advanced Corporate Law

* Award on completion of Programmes 1-3 : * NQF L7

Programme 4

4 Subjects + Choice of set of electives

1. Applied Governance
2. Company Secretarial Practice
3. Corporate Law
4. Development of Strategy


5. Enterprise Risk Management
6. Finance for Decision Making


5.Public Sector Governance
6. Risk and Compliance

Award: NQF L8

Length of Studies?

This is a popular question as most students want to know how quickly they will be able to walk away with their qualification in hand. On average each subject could take you 3 months to complete. Depending on how much experience and how many hours you have to dedicate to your studies, this time frame could be significantly reduced.

Eg. Instead of sitting one exam or assignment at a time you could sit 2 exams which will half the time it will take you to get your qualification.

How do the exams work?

Exams take place in May and October each year.
All exams are paper based exams and are sat at specific exam centres.

Why should you be studying a CSSA Qualification with SACOB?

The CSSA qualification is a highly sought after, globally recognized Governance qualification. It sets you above the rest and opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.

SACOB is an accredited CSSA tuition provider which means we have gone through an intense screening and accreditation process and have gotten CSSA’s stamp of approval.

Enrolling with SACOB for your studies will ensure you receive the best tuition support. Read up why choosing SACOB as your college is the smart choice.

If you have started your studies at another college but would like to move across to SACOB, no problem – let us help you make the move across and welcome you to SACOB.