National Diploma in Management Accounting

This qualification provides the student with the knowledge, understanding, skills and experience to become a Management Accountant. This will aid both individual developments for the student along a path of life-long learning and social transformation through the formal acknowledgement of competencies, skills and knowledge through the attainment of a registered Qualification thereby enhancing the employment prospects of students.

This qualification provides employers and others with an adequate basis for assuring that those learners gaining the Qualifications, are competent to act as Junior Management Accountants for companies and other organisations, whether in manufacturing, commercial or service organisations, in either the public or private sectors of the South African economy. Provide the student with the necessary, knowledge, skills and insights to operate at a second or third level in Management Accounting in a large organisation or assume full responsibility for the function in a smaller organisation.

This qualification will allow students access to the Accounting profession and all economic sectors that require an Accounting function, and will serve to increase skills in these sectors. Furthermore, once completed, students will have the necessary financial skills to engage in self-employment of an entrepreneurial nature, thereby contributing to job creation and ultimately contributing to the reduction of unemployment in South Africa.

Some the position student can hold and they are not limited to the accounting field are: cost Accountant, accountant, management accountant, financial manager, deputy financial director, business analyst, risk analyst.

The Diploma in Management Accounting is distinct from other Qualifications in the Accounting profession as its main focus is Management Accounting. Thus, successful students will not receive a generic Accounting Qualification, but a specialist Qualification, which will enable them to perform not only generic Accounting functions, but specialist Management Accounting functions as well. "

SACOB Accreditations and Affiliations

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